ColeVerse is a term I borrowed to explain the universe in my head.  I have sought to get into the realm of world building since I was a child.

I’ve been writing since I could put pen to paper.  When I was young, storytelling became my escape from reality. Whatever difficulties I faced, I could escape into my universe. Where artists carried around sketchpads, I carried around notebooks and wrote.

As a creative writer, I have published several screenplays, a comic book series, and a webcomic.

In high school, I got my first taste of journalism. Words forming the truth could change lives. This continued in college as well as my time in the military.

As a military journalist, I was able to sharpen my skills and broaden my capability to work with a diversity of partners and subjects.

My work as a freelance journalist allowed me to grow as a writer and network with a colorful and amazing cast of subjects and subject matter experts. It has also allowed me the privilege to writer for publications such as the Midweek’s Hawaii Marine Newspaper, Bishop Museum, Kaneohe Magazine, and Wasabi Magazine.


Who I am.

First and foremost I am a writer.  Since I could put pen to paper I have sought to expand my mind through the medium of writing.  Unfortunately, the majority of the time I write more than I publish, so that’s something I’m working to fix.  Below are some of the other aspects of my life.


I have dabbled in journalism since high school.  Now I’m lucky to be able to do it for the military and as a freelancer.


Comics have always been a big part of my life.  The first comic I ever wrote was Mantai, which was back in high school.  Mantai is now up to issue 4 and I’m currently revamping The Ourtiders, a webcomic I created for my webdesign class. 


I have an extensive background in video production, photography, and I dabble in graphic design.  Right now it’s mostly military.


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