Garrett Cole is a freelance-writer, journalist, and comic creator, with experience in various mediums of communication, media, and entertainment. His background in freelance and military journalism, video production, and creative writing.

Garrett is driven by his desire to tell stories, whether it involves fiction or reality. He considers himself a disciple, eager to both build on the academic foundations in business, multimedia, and creative writing and stay in tune with the latest communication strategies through continued personal involvement and network development.

His passion for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent work with the Air Force Reserve. He has written for publications such as the Hawaii Midweek, Wasabi Magazine, and Citizen Airman Magazine.

Meanwhile, as a reservist, he vastly improved the flow of communication of Command policy surrounding Covid-19 and its impact on military.  Garrett believes that the focal point of communication stems from the communicators.  His philosophy is that “everyone has a story” and he wants to help tell it. 

Garrett is currently working as a freelance writer, a military photojournalist, and member of the National Writer’s Union.  Connect with him @